Monday, March 03, 2008

Two more good days.

Today was perfect Santa Anna switch around to NW at C Street as yesterday but with smooth winds and waves to the bathrooms at the south end of the bay. As I put a nice hole in the bottom of my favorite fish on my kitesurf bud Allen Sarlo's elbow. (digress to yesterdays gusty wind and some waves story) I was hitting a little lip and cutting back with the arm out to point out my direction of travel but that arm does not bend all the way and sort of looks like I am incicating a U turn, while Al was coming out trying to avoid me, he zigged, I zagged and we bonked luckily laughing through the hole darn thing. All was ok but for the mid air with kites straight over head bump and fear my board had bonked my bud. Did not even notice the hole till he was checking out my board later and said, "Hey, where did this hole come from? OH YEAH!!!!" Eva has the xanadu fish toy to fix, so back to the original story, was today using a no strap fish and then a smaller board and figuring on using a differnt kite as well to mix things up. Went with the inflato 12 trix after a great day yesterday with far more unstable conditions on the PL synergy 15. It relaunches very, very well by the way...Yet another story of other friends not noticing a kite downlooping directly in front of them on the wave... doooohhh.. Crash the kite or hit a friend who is looking back at the beach at a babe. Kite now over another friends lines.. Nice.. 38 people in a small spot can do that....Sooo... on the 12 m trix today and haveing a blast using it's speed rather than the arcs inherent stability to keep it flying and catching it's loose lines while wave riding. Both methods work and both are fun and it really comes down to the conditons and mood of the day. Equal grins and there were even matching rasta synergy kites at C Street yesterday with Heidi showind up on her ten with her bike friends cheering her on. She was staying up wind in surprisingly light winds with her ten and small UG firebird 141 yesterday. These synergy kites have heaps more bottom end than the venoms did.


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