Sunday, March 02, 2008

County Line heaven

While sweating out a road bicycle ride with the gang today up a long climb, a fatastic sesh wavesailing at County Line kept playing through my mind. Imagine only three surfers out with a new south swell hitting and by yourself wavesailing perfect four to five foot waves from way up the point to the inside, hot air, no wind bubble.
The synergy 15 got me off the beach while the inflatos were dropping on atempted launch as the wind was shifting every which way and even going to zero on the beach. The synergy with it's light weight allowed me to body drag through the imediate inside wierdness and into the great surf just off shore. Two hours at the point by myself till George finally managed to make it out on his cult which ended up dropping three times do to wind drop outs on the inside. Sometimes it is just the tool for the job making all the diffence. After a great four hour session, having downwinded to some great surf at StairCase and Leo, we all hitched a ride back from Mike in his Van and the all inflato kite crew had to say that my synergy with the old school fish sufboard was certainly the only way to go if you wanted to hang at the top of County and pick off waves. The more we use them, the more we like them and the sle kites spend a bit more time in the back of the old truck. What a great time with just a few friends working their way out to ride a bit with me later in the day. We were hooting and howling at our luck. Even the heavy tax club of the accountant prior to the sesh could not keep the grin off of my face. Man, it is great to have the cathartic of great sports like kitesurfing.

So far the snow kite testing of the synergy has gone well with several testers and even the 19 versions we sent to testers on the East and West coasts are loving the kite. PL did a good job on this one. Might just need the 15 synergy and my surfboard/kiteboard 5'10" Xanadu old school fish design for the entire surfing and kiteing trip associtated with Anoush's wedding. This is a friends wedding that is going to be a blast. The whole gang surfs and most kitesurf. Buds, beautiful location, warm water and smiles. This is what life is all about.
Cheers!! Traig


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