Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Thanks again C Street

After a quick gym run to work on the old knee, dropping off the road bike for a compact front chainring set (darn light guys are making me really strain my old knees on the long hill climbs), and dropping off and picking up a repaired kiteboard from Eva, a quick stop at C Street showed wind and waves with nobody there!!!! Gasp, choke, rig really, really incredibly fast.. Yahooo. Eva our queen of board technology, had fixed the Xanadu already and it was the perfect board for the light but wavesailable winds and the 15m synergy for today. I would use whaterver kite that was on top of the 875 pound pile of sports equipment and mildewed undientifiable object in the back of the truck.

A kite bud showed just in time to throw my kite up inbetween a triple jungle canopy worth of bamboo and wood debris on the rocks and sand but mostly rocks. There were perfect A frames coming in at the point but about thirty surfers were sitting on it with the new south swell and they were giving me that "Please don't take all the good rights look, so I didn't.. A liftime of surfers and basic right of way rules mean a lot to us. We all grew up surfing. The tide was dropping fast so hit the north peak rights just up the beach. Shmack, bottom turn cut back, shmack.. Fun, fun... Not as large as a few days ago but really smooth faces and fun little lips as the tide started dropping out the next three hours. The surf droped with the tide and I though it was time to rap it up... ..

What a great bit of luck. The entire gang showed up and for once, I actually got out of the water and said, "that's it I am resting my knee after yesterdays mega hill climb three hour crusher" Of course Bayless has to tell me Leo wind just come on....DOoooooohhhh...So race down to County and the swell is showing very well there and nearly went back out desite the severe inside wind shadow with Ronny amping me up...Decided against it and went down to the slot to see George, Scot and another there well powered with one kite at North Beach and the total back stall sequence of a new slingshot at Zuma..The guys rear lines were way too tight. Finished off the day with a great swim workout at the pool with the ultra cool swiman waterproof ipod shuffle sound system cranking out tunes.. After a lifetime of swiming laps, having music makes it feal new and fresh.. Yahoooooo....To top it all off my mileage car which was hit by an AU tourist illegaly passing a parked car over a double yellow and popping me, finally is done at the body shop and ready to get back in my better mileage for trips to Santa Cruz hands.. Nice, nice....


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