Saturday, October 16, 2010

White sharks, Sunset Beach, Topanga Beach LA, kitesurfing gray suit buds

It was about a month ago or so when our bud, renowned Hollywood action commercial director/ photographer Klaus Obermeyer, called to say his girlfriend Michelle had just kitesurfed over what she thought was the submerged back of good sized great white shark just off of his Topanga Beach home. Klaus and Michelle are old kitesurf students of and real water people, These are not ones to exaggerate. Klaus's business Aero Film is based at Santa Monica airport, so getting a hellicopter with a bud flying it with camera who would also direct Klaus with his boat on the water below by radio, was not a stretch at all. Low and behold Michelle had been correct and there is a group of about five great white sharks, or white pointers that hang about a hundred meters just off the north point of our old Sunset Beach winter kiteing spot and just in front of the popular Gladstones fish restaurant.

The helicopter with his bud directed Klaus in his boat just over the largest of the sharks, they guess is at least 16 feet and also got some shots of one of the twelve footers. The helicopters go up and down the coast at least a couple of days a week and they frequently see this little school of sharks. There is a large daily group of surfers there at Sunset as well as SUP guys paddling around the point. I often just hop off of my strapless board, apparently, in the middle of their club house to adjust my harness and waterproof headset during those lone clearing wind with surf opportunities. Not that our big gray friends frolicking in the functionally more scary filthy local water, are going to do a taste test on this tofu based diet vegan necessarily....butt, maybe I will do quicker water starts and not make it a one tack, way to sea sort of thing after each wave and do two closer to shore tacks again. Nice to see our buds in gray are happyinsurf and we will say hi from a distance and share all the waves they would like. You got all the priority on those tasty little rights next spring bud and I'll keep the eyes open for you. By the way, I am the guy paddling around on the short little fish surfboard up at Topanga and have very low nutritional value for a growing young white pointer like yourself. Cheers Mate...

These are some shots from the helicopter literally just a hundred meters off of the point where sunset meets PCH and they are there quite frequently according to the pilots.
Big smiles and please don't feed the fish...


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Awesome story... thx

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