Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Eggs, Schedule Reboots and New Kite Toots.

Work responsibilities and family visits sometimes blend with Mother Natures weather smoothie to produce a totally different blend than expected. This Easter was scheduled to be a San Quintin blow out but the forecasting computers had something to say about that. Throw in booking a job locally and Sarah and Aidens' trip to visit family in Maine and I end up here in So Cal testing a few new Peter Lynn Escape kites in between other work while my family is in Maine.

When you book a job in the industry, everything else has to wait as you basically go on five job interviews a week plus year round to book just a handful of these jobs. Add in the classes, prep work, memorizing scripts, etc and Sarah and I are pretty darn busy. Of course the other jobs like running Happyinsurf,, our health care practices and meeting the demands of our boss Aiden takes all of our time plus. Sarah had to take herself and Aiden to the airport as the second and third call backs for a job came at the exact time that I was to take them to the airport for their flight to visit her fun loving family in Maine. It is very strange not having my family around. I really do miss them.

Stoked to have booked the job but had to call a few remaining friends that were still wanting to go to San Quintin despite the not so favorable forecast and tell them that I had to pull the reserve chute on the trip. To be rescheduled for the last week in May. They understood and were happy with the new plan. What i did not expect was great wind for two days here and then a third light wind day to test the larger Peter Lynn eclipse 13 meter kite. Vic came through to help me check out an old PG wind of mine as well and replace any worn bridling. Want the SQ ridge soaring to be smooth and safe as ever.

The eleven meter has huge range and covered the 14 to crazy 30 mph stuff that was thrown at us. Very solid and good turning canopy with great grunt and gust absorption you would expect from the shape but with much better turning. The kite just drifts down the line well with no stall. A kite, like the Peter Lynn twin skins, loves a very efficient board with the controllable apparent wind build on demand. On the first day we had nice shoulder high remnant waves from the last south swell and 10 to 20 mph winds starting on the light side. The 11 had lots of grunt and enough speed to get out there when most others could not. The board of course was a big part of the equation but this is one heck of an efficient kite. One lighter weight fellow was using the same size kite with a SUP board to add perspective.

The third day was under the 13 m and the other two kiters who were leaving the beach when I arrived, said "forget about it, there just is not enough wind" It was the Topanga almost there sort of wind with top end at 15 sporadically but mostly in the 10 mph zone with puffs to 14. Put up the 13 and it whipped me upwind in no time. This kite has a lot of surface area and is still relatively good turning kite for a flatter, high projected design. Took some little knee high waves down looping and it resisted stall when surfing towards it. This is light wind stuff and the beautiful solo session was much appreciated and makes me want to keep this 13 in my quiver. Can't wait to get my wife under the 11 m as it is a very stable and forgiving kite for an LEI flat design. Easy relaunch, predictable power delivery, total depower on a good long throw bar and with effective safety.

We are excited about our new line of mens, womens and kids clothes, that we have ready for pick up just after this holiday for Happyinsurf. We have our happy guy surfing, snowboarding and SUPing with of course our skiing designs both cross country and down hill waiting to grab onto winter garb on demand. We are very happy with the response the clothes are getting from those that have seen the protos and will have a line sheet up on Happyinsurf site soon. It's all about being happy out there in the surf, slopes, air and trails.

Sarah, Aiden, her sister and family have been sending some great pictures of the gang over this Easter Holiday and sounds like Aiden is participating in an Easter egg hunt this morning. Here's a picture of Aiden sliding along in his Peter Lynn kitesurfing gear and a shot of me under the eleven meter escape at North Beach Leo a couple of days ago.

Aiden Sarah and a few friends took our little ones on their first camping trip up at Sycamore Cove a few weeks back and had an absolute blast even with the huge downpour on our last day. Sarah got her first tandem PG flight and thermaled up over the Santa Monica Mountains and ridge lifted down the coast. Absolutely stoked on her thirty minute flight with a beach landing.
We have been taking Aiden on heaps of Mountain Bike rides in a tow along trailer and it won't be long till he is riding with us. His second birthday is on June 2nd. We hope to be celebrating the week before in Baja and the week of here.

Happy Easter everybody and lets get some water time this summer together!


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