Thursday, March 01, 2012

Come do our Easter supervised kite tour/lessons in Baja

We have been taking groups down to Baja forever on annual lesson and guided tours for kitesurfing and before that windsurfing wavesailing and surfing. There is always more to add in like stand up paddle lessons and even paragliding off the sand dunes for some. We don't do the twenty trips a year we used to do but still do the annual classics. This is a perfect opportunity to move to the next level in your kitesurfing, be it learning to go down the line in the waves to just learning to get on top of your board. These days, we base our trips on the number of people who respond and not just heading down irregardless as in the old days. Family and commitments sure change things. Last years early season Baja trip had amazing wind and Sarah and Aiden had a blast as well. Funny how much fun you can have outside of kitesurfing down there. We did great hikes in the sand dunes, surfed, stand up paddled, landboarded and this time did not have a paragliding wing along for the trip. Odds are we will bring one along for the next trip. We had a fantastic and very affordable babysitter at the hotel which gave us huge opportunity to do crazy stuff like eat a non disturbed dinner...gasp... OMG... unbelievable. The marriache band even entertained him for an hour one night and let us eat in peace. Man... Do we love Baja... My wife want to go back on our sons birthday in June (he's going to be 2) and her birthday on the Fourth of J, as she likes it so much and does not even kitesurf...yet...... She will be getting some lessons this year.
Hope to have you along on our trip. We have different rates depending if you are and absolute beginner requiring constant one on one attention or at a clinic level/ guided tour level. You can contact me at 310-774-6535 for these needs, equipment needs, etc.
You can reach instructor Tom Mc Gill at 818-378-5679 as well. This is the spot to get your wavesailing going without the rock dance.


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