Monday, May 16, 2011

Ocean Eye, a happy train guy and a few kites in the sky

Our old buds Klaus Obermeyer and Michelle started a great organization (Ocean Eye) with one hundred percent profits going to the sea life currently in the most danger and into organizations that won't squander the proceeds. Got to hand it to them, they really know how to help out what we love the most. Good old Mother Ocean. Klaus and M were diving off of Tahiti and shot a beautiful picture of a Gray whale coming up below them. Klaus is of course very well known for his extensive motion picture and still photography work world wide. He had the picture of the surfacing Gray done in paint on canvas and will be selling the beautiful very large paintings for 2500 a pice to raise money for the oceans. The Ocean Eye logo is very cool and like our Happyinsurf guy...very happy.
Got a cal from a very nice fellow who we spoke to years ago at Monkey Air regarding PL twinskin kites and our use teaching with them all over, including off our old teaching boat up at Lake Mohave. Cal had moved to Oregon for a while but the cold chased him back to Mohave so now he was ready for the newest latest greatest Charger from PL. Excited to get an arc going on those fun warm waters again this summer. Vic got his new ten meter from me a few weeks ago and is very happy with it as an all around with his Underground directional. He hopes to head down to San Quintin with the rest of the gang like we did for so many years over the Memorial Day and the other summer holidays with a heap of students and wave sailing clinic attendees in tow.
It was a load of fun taking our eleven month old son Aiden to Travel Town in Griffith Park to see the same 1800 and 1900 trains I was so fond of when I was just a little guy like him. Sarah and I climbed into the cabs and walked all round these timeless pieces of engineering elegance with Aiden pulling levers, playing engineer and just plain old having a great time. When we took him on the train ride just as the park was closing, you would think his grin could light up the world. We took Aiden to our favorite Itallian restaurant in Brentwood after the great day and enjoyed some fantastic vegan pasta and dunked pieces of the soft bread in Aiden's baby food as a special treat for the not so little guy.
Some solid clearing winds came through yesterday and I was able to get down late in the afternoon to launch out in front of Klaus's place and kite with he, Michelle, and some of the crew for a bit. There was not a lot of surf but the PL tube kite once again showed it's fantastic range as the wind went from the higher twenties to the mid teens and pulled me into a few little bowls south of headquarters and in front of K's house. The more someones life plate becomes, the even more significant even a moment in the ocean becomes to balance the spirit and lift ones energy. After the session, Klaus and M took me inside to show me the beautiful new whale painting on the wall. It must be four feet wide by three feet tall. What a masterpiece as the vague outline of the whale comes into sharp relief with the pectoral fin in the changing hughes of the sun dabbled water. Had to stand there and stare at it for a few moments before racing home to the wife and baby for a nice walk out to the gorgeous Pacific Palisades bluffs with Aiden laughing and talking up a storm in his stroller overlooking the alternating color ferris wheel lights on the Santa Monica Peer, headlights on PCH far below and the millions of lights outlining the PV peninsula heading south. We did not get the little guy into bed till ten thirty and he thought he got away with the biggest coo ever. A casting for he, mom and myself this morning, had him trying to sleep in needing the prodding of a good bottle of warm soy milk to get him paddling out the door.
Good winds and here's a few shots of the days adventures.


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