Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How do you like the Fish Lips logo

Here's the simplistic Happy Surfer logo for the Fish Liips/Monkey Lips, MonkeyAir all natural skin care line. This is a shot of Huel Howser...spelling.. interviewing MA this winter at Leo Carrillo State beach. This is our local MonkeyAir haunt and where I spent most of my life lifeguarding, surfing,windsurfing..etc...great times and great people to hang with in the State Parks. We are doing a kitesurfing Monkey
Air booth at the Leo Carrillo Wale festival April 19 for the State Parks.

Have Fun and we will see you at North Beach Leo Carrillo on the 19th of April!!

Been a while but it has been fun.

Wow, it has been ages since I last posted a blog here. A wonderful lady distracted my mind and heart away from many of my regular sports addicions and allowed me to focus on looking into the ways we could help our friends the most through MonkeyAir.com and of course think of ways to possible spend a lot more time with her. Lots of great memories and a good friend for life iregardless of what the future holds. I am one exctremely lucky guy.

It is a very exciting time for kitesurfing now with the imenent release of the new PL kitesurfing kite, the Charger, a lot of great inflatable kites hitting the market and empty beaches in Baja for the summer again with the US toursitos thinking that something really bad might happen if they head down...HINT... we did about ten trips last year with empty beaches, waves and great wind. Our US buds who have homes down there have had no problems. We just zip through the sleeping border towns and enjoy the wonderful Baja hospitality we always have. Keeping a cautious eye is always prudent and we will certainly do so but also listen to what is realy happening and ignore over generated hype.

The kitesurfing, paragliding and surfing in Baja this last year has been fantastic. The fantastic woman in my life did a trip down to San Felipe with us and had heaps of natural talent but as her job literaly does depend on her looks, a fall and a scrape could cost her a booking. A shame as she is a real outdoor beauty lover and has incredible athletic abilities. Vic and Strat booked about eight hours a day of perfect conditions on that particular San Felipe trip and it is odd how you don't even miss the water when you are with the person you want to be with.. Hmmm.it sure was nice... She has found a new love in mountainbiking now. The problem with people who learn quickly is of course the fact that they won't know when they are over their heads. Just got to keep her off of the knarly single track..

Lots of great days through the winter with surf and wind during Santa Anna switch arounds up at C Street and even some winter time thermals here. Was able to test a bunch of different kites with Dimitri Maramenides showing up to hang for a few days this week so we could test out his new line of Eclipse kites. The Kima is the wave kite I have been fiding to be a worldwide absolute wavesailing hit on pretty much every forum and through my grapevine of lifelong wavesailors. This tube kite has a more D shape or delta like but unlike the other deltas we have tested does not show the propensity to stall a turn while still haveing lots of power, huge range and phenomenal turning speed the others we tried just have not had. The gang here tested the nine meter kite in bugger all 12 mph winds and I was able to do some down winders with the amazing ability of this kite to be truly thrown all over the sky and deliver some good grunt. Definately will be selling this kite to my wave customers. The power of the nine is significantly more than say my other sle wave sailing tube favortite, the GK trix. In hopes a 6 and nine meter Eclipse Kima will power my season along side of course the new PL kites, Gk's, O.R's and Cautions. Like to try as many as possible.

Dimitri pulled out the eclipse thruster for us to try and I have to say, though high aspect, the thing turns very, very well though not a snap around it's center like the kima but rather a fast, fast pivot around it's wingtip and then huge acceleration through the window. This is a really great kite and getting a lot of phone calls on this one as well presently. For an all around kite, people will love the thruster. The Nano is a great grunty, beginners and all around ride with big grunt and a bit slower turning than the others with a more bucket shape.

The new Eclipse bar is fantasic in it's abilty to with one hand do a quick release and reset of the mechanism. It is a pioritory metal quick release system that is fantastic. I am not big for the below bar cleat for adjusting the depower but the truth is you never really have to!!! You set the kite up on it's knots and only really ever need to adjust the below cleat for arm length discrepancies. The big metal pivot below the bar actually worked and the kite goes to leash very well when droped. 265 pound Klaus and feather weight girlfriend Michel both tride the Kima and were amazed at is smooth gust absorption, ease of flght and stability. It is an arc in just sitting over your head but it is damn good for an inflatable kite. On twenty meter lines it is an absolute rocket and hard core Peter Lynn Synergy pilot Vic said it is probably the one lei kite that could bring him over to the lei "dark side" snicker....

Dimitri and I had a hoot cruising around and showed him the local sights, and even got him to chase us in my truck during a paragliding thermal run. Great guy with no real ego though one of the best in the world and owner of eclipse kiteboarding.

New to Monkey air will be a page written by docs and health care specialists including myself, that practice solutions to Anti Aging and longevity through natural products and services. Been doing this my whole life and been working with the absolutely best all natural facial and body topical and internal products as extreme sports lifestyles require the ultimate skin and body care. Been doing this my whole life and been working with the absolutely best all natural facial and body topical and internal products as extreme sports lifestyles require the ultimate skin and body care. Look for Fish Lips Naturals that are a long time coming after a life of lifeguarding and sponsorships with petroleum based garabage to put on my skin and wondering "why in the heck women and men pay so much money for such absolutely horrible products to put on their sensitive skin?" If you could not eat it, why are you putting it on your skin. The products we are releasing have more effective natural ingredients in them than anything you will find on the market plus a lack of the toxic ("can you say radiator fluid?...yeah really, they use that in over counter skin cream as a preservative" ) type of ingredients and instead only using natural anti bacterial and antifungals. We even have a no bug body lotion from all naturals we have been also using on pets for a long time with great results. The last few years have brought raving testimonials of these products from around the world and as my sister and brother in- law have been in this with me from the start, I know exactly how great this stuff is. The chemists just told us "the product has way too many great ingredients for any large firm to make and not loose their shirts and don't know how you guys plan to do it." We did and our friends are getting great results. Yeeehaa... Lots of exciting things here for us at MonkeyAir and looking forward to a fantastic summer season of trips and helping our friends stay forever young and happy on the water, in the air, on the mountain bikes ) and in every other outdoor sporting venue.