Saturday, July 05, 2008

Another great San Quintin trip

Eight days of great surfing, daily kitesurfing and paragliding. The beaches were empty and the visuals spectacular with pelicans off of my wingtips and below my feet in the air while watching porpoise play in the waves below. You would follow this up with hours of downwinders in the surf. The Fourth of July was the only day of no wind but fantastic surfing for three hours in the am with just two buds with homes at the point down there. Surfing is a blast without the usual crowds we grew up surfing with around here. Thanks to all our buds that showed, including Pam the Pelican and Peter the Poirpoise. Here's a few shots of John, myself, Tom and his son Jarid who was doing great with his kite lessons and was hard to keep from jumping between sand dunes under the PL kites.