Wednesday, August 02, 2006

First blog in the last 200 kite sessions..ooops..

Ok, so we have been having so much fun...err.five hours kiting today, four yesterday, five the day be-..have been so busy...Yeah, that's the ticket, BUSY...SURE, we have been so stinking busy kitesurfing, paragliding, surfing, biking, swimming and oh yeah WORKING, that we just have not gotten around to tell you how much fun we have been having. Wow, that was cathartic. Almost like writing a bad "My child is so sick he can't make it to school but will somehow manage to get about two hours of that new south swell" letter to his teachers.. Then again, they won't let me have kids do to something about my DNA containing some sort of aborent "screw off" peptide.
It has been a great season of Baja trips. Johnny B and I scored San Carlos with a sick south swell.The crew scored San Quintin three trips with good surf and wind and a very stoked crew of students/friends (sixty of them on one trip,including Anoush and his twenty babe friends.. It just so happens that SQ has a sick lift for paragliding ridge soaring after the AM surf session and before kitesurf-thirty each day. Then there were the few good Arroyo Lagona trips with Heidi, Ali, Vic, Paul and crew to give our bud Chris Heid some company in the Central Coast surf. Crazy George was up there doing Chris's pluming and the pipe glue had him buying disposable four line kites from enterprising beach venders and once again calling it the best day ever.
It was great kiting into old bud Brian Caserio at P. Creek and blabbering about old times at the Punta San Carlos and his adventures being the camera man once again on some new kitesurf videos shot at a top secret BVI wave spot..Hmmmmm....
We tested every SLE kite we could get our hands on (name the brand) The stand outs to us for various applications were the Caution Answer, G.K Sonic and Ocean Rodeo One. None matched the user friendlyness and stabity of the Venom II's though. None were even close.

Watching the progress our bunch of one year students have made in their kiting skills but more importantly in excuse weaving abilities. Their escape from work commitments in favor of wind and surf based foolery, leaves me with a very warm feeling in my wet suit.

How quickly one becomes obsessed in this sport can be predicted with the well known psychiatric O.C.S.E.R criteria. (Obsessive Cumpulsive Saltwater Escape Rational) It was originally documented in AWAL navy personel during WWII. These fellows were caught recreating in the warm Caribean waters with local taned water guidance councelors
The first sign is an almost sexual arrousal secondary to seeing any bit of highway trash blow across PCH. The one to five scoring is done by...well you get the idea. Catching something in the steering wheel and totalling your new kite ride is a clinical sign of OCSER wood behavior. Treatment should involve your babe,some good blues and a bathtub full of ice cubes

Forgetting to even tell your friends how good you have been getting it as you have been gettting it so freaking good alerts the clinician to the possible necessity of immediate enrollment of all your significant others in kitesurfing lessons. Of course at this point they have not seen you at work in a month and your wife has bought that crap about the contract job building sand traps for the new country club to explain away the sand in all body cavities.

Reality as viewed by the majority of the moral majority nine to fivers is but a distant deathrow drum rumbling in the very back of my four flexible jobs to kite more mentality. So; I forgot to blog. This wind and wave hog has been the no blog dog and appologizes for not posting in a stoke induced fog.

We have all sorts of great trip photos including six kiter babes in San Quintin to some semi clothed monkies hanging out under paragliding canopies off the cliffs of SQ, new kite spots,Mike*Sue mischief, first lip smacking groms and the like to post on here soon. I will give the rest of the primates a quick shout to get their kite bar calloused hands on the key board and relate stoke stories to fellow travelers in our parrallel dimension of the endless surf session.

A special get well soon note and all our positive wishes for a good kitesurf bud/warehouse of positive vibes and Walter Gish's lifetime love, "Jill". Here's to a quick recovery from those few whacko cells who forgot how to differentiate. We expect to see you on our next trip Jill!! Get well soon and I promise we won't post those naked pictures of you and Walt running through the sand dunes:0)