Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vivid Surf Story Day Dreams with Sleep Deprivation

There is a distinct direct relation between lack of sleep and vivid daydreams and cat nap dreams of water time memories and exponential augmentation of the theme. Aiden our little ball of recombined galactic dust in infant form, suddenly decided that giving mom and dad four hour respits to try and catch a bit of sleep was too much. Being the drill sergeant of our parent boot camp he is working on a one to two hour schedule of rock concert volume alerts to get us up and moving. Luckily Sarah is far more adept at falling back to sleep as she is doing the lions share with feeding the now not so little guy.
In my semi conscious stumbling to change diaper or 3 am knee bounce to calm a gassy little tummy haze, past sessions blend with recent kitesurfing , surf and paraglide sessions, buds have been cool enough to relate to me, to produce some vivid Timothy Leary type flashes of what a great world we live in for pure fun.
Some of the stories that got me fired up include, a couple of fantastic downwinders with good south swell John Bayless took part in from County Line to Zuma and a few from Corral to Santa Monica with some waves. Wes Matweyew has a great vid of himself jumping trees on coral islands in the Turks and Caicos. Good old Wes has been around the world having a blast kiting and would be great to get him on the tangles blog. Morgan Runyan called to congratulate us on the new baby and described a magic day with wind and good south swell up at North Beach Leo/ Heavens, just flying down the line and if I know Mo, getting a few head dips in some barrels and aireals right and left. Talked to Vic Enright and when asked he had stories from about a hundred great paragliding flights here in Malibu and a great trip with Michelle Harmalla down to good old San Quintin with soaring of the sand dunes everymorning along side our buds the pelicans and sea gulls of SQ as well as long downwinders in the waves in the afternoons. The place was desolate as it had been on my last trip down there with fears of south of the border crime and or the economy keeping the kiters away. There has been no crime down there in our old kite stomping grounds to our knowledge and it is kind of sad to think so many waves have gone unridden down there. The memories of fools gold in the sand kicking up off of our land boards tires as we would fly down the six mile beach, weaving, in and out of the shallow waters under our kites after an hour soaring the cliffs under the silent and graceful paraglider wings put a huge smile on my face mid burping Aiden. How many trips down there over the years and experiencing all that magic of so many different beaches with such great friends who also appreciated the beauty, tranquility and excitement of the land and sport mergings. It is sure going to be great to revisit and rediscover these places and so many others in Europe, islands around the world and of course our old favorites just south of the boarder through the eyes of Sarah and Aiden some day. Sure does give me a travel back pack full of day dreaming building blocks to work with and probably puts some funny looks on my face while performing a now automatic infant support drill from commander Aiden Skye Trumbo.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Strapless wavesailors rip North B and Roseark takes on Happyinsurf

During the three great days of wind and good surf last week apparently three young strapless wavesailors sporting a camera team one day scored some points for our home team. Got a call from one of the head lifeguards with the JG program this morning and he told me about three kids putting on a great show with a good attitude. They were hitting the peak south of our normal tower five spot and getting deep on left barrels and hitting some hard back hand off the lips and even landing a few rail grab strapless airs. Been cool to see that and apparently the gaurds were rotating through in the units to check it out. Nice work guys!! Apparently it was a NZ and AU contingent with maybe one local bloke that could have been Ian Aldridge.

Sarah and I are excited to get our art into our favorite soul art shops in LA and Santa Monica. Roseark has been the spot for the cool movie stars and rockers to get their spiritual earth jewelry and accessories for years. Kathy and Rick, always on the cutting edge of fashion, are well known for supporting the local Native American scene and sharing the stoke. Thanks for putting us in the new Santa Monica store guys. Happy belongs there for sure. If you find yourselves in Santa Monica, check us out at Roseark 1111 Montana Ave.

Though this is a surf, kitesurf and adventure sport blog, it would be unfatherly of me not to club all my buds with excess pictures of our new baby and my wife Sarah.. It's just the American way to shoot way too many pictures and think their kid will be the next president or at least on the cover of the next wave sailing magazine which in a lot of ways might be better..So without further adoooo dooo... Here's Aiden and mom at the lap pool yesterday and a display of the Happyinsurf stoked necklaces on display at Roseark.

Now to sell some other boards and other equipment around here to get a used 6 foot firewire dominator to try in the surf strapless with my kites when my hoof heals and Aiden gives me a green light. Wonder if the little guy is already dreaming of six mile downwinders in surf with mom stand up paddlinging alongside with the complementary nice feeding after the last run.
Happy Diapers

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

New baby and time to pass the stoke

Sarah gave birth to our baby boy Aiden Skye Trumbo on the second at 8:59. He weighed 9 pounds 4 ounces and 22.5 inches long. How such a big kid got out of my beautiful wife I will never quite understand. Maybe he overheard the yoga tapes. It was like getting a keg of beer, the beer truck and driver out of the glove box of a smart car. The proportions are just all wrong. She was amazing in enduring the next 18 hours after the midnight check in and three am inducement. Wish the epidural came earlier, but she held out and only punched me a few times.. just kidding.. really. She was great and we even were transferred to the ultimate delivery view room at Cedars. Aiden was born overlooking Beverly Blvd and the Beverly Center with the Hollywood Sign and Griffith Park observatory as back drops. The city lights came up and Aiden decided to come into this world with a grin and was in mom's arms in seconds. What a great moment. It just does not get any better than that. Aiden just put on his casual air of no big deal and got ready for a few days of docs poking prodding, injecting, blood letting and general infant and mother practical joking that is only found at the very best medical centers here and on Mars. The nurses and care were really exceptional and even a few kitesurfing buds wives who are nurses there stopped by to see how Sarah was doing.

It was a whirlwind of a week at the hospital and with S's mom coming to help out. Having a cool mother in law is one of those unbelievable smacks in the face of universal stand up comedy mother in law joke order. She actually was a huge help, cooked and talked about kitesuring in Baja with me for about four minutes one day. It was about kitesurfing less in Baja, but at least it was about kitesurfing and not golf or other do when dead pseudosports for the adrenaline challenged.

Lots of wind around plus calls for lessons, lifeguarding, etc during the last few weeks.. Finally got that xray which confirmed the avulsion fx of fifth metatarsal proximally at the peroneous longus insertion.. Translation... No kitesurfing for six weeks..or biking running... Going to be doing some swimming and try not to move the hoof much. The ortho gave me a velcro boot just like the one I had just given to the homeless shelter. Get the thing and find it actually exacerbates the condition and the duct tape and stiff sandal option actually works better though costs only a few dollars. Got a bunch of the gang to test kites and tell me the stories while rehabing and spending time with Aiden and Sarah.. Rumor is there might just be another size of a certain proto kite heading towards my hood. The team kiteheads will be flying the heck out of it. Still stoked on the Agronaut, Chargers, and Kimas in the truck. Really would like to score a strapped...gasp.... nice waveboard in six foot size with some width and volume to allow that few times a year of the full on strapped in wave session, boosting over sets and hitting the big airs of the lip like the old days before a million of those hit's made 1500 dollar knee braces standard equipment for many of us. No straps and no problems but it is cool once in a while to do all those old school huge airs and critical section, It is a blast to work all the styles and when Aiden is old enough, hope to get him interested in all styles of riding that won't blow his joints apart. We sure are lucky to have a healthy happy baby that actually allowed us to sleep a little this week with only a minimal amount of diaper changes, feedings and requests for a quiver of boards, preschool tuition at a beach side spa and a new quiver of kites. At least that's what I thought he said after the first three days of no sleep in the hospital.