Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hello Synergy my New Friend

Posted by Team Rider Alidad Ghiasi on Arcusers and reprinted here.

Just got the new toys last week from Monkeyair and had a couple of sessions on
They are well worth the money and the wait. I was amazed at all the new featues
to beef up the kite consturction. The spar pokects, the leading edge, the
framework and the bag all show signs of improvement. These changes are truly new
not just a changing an old idea.

First day on the 12 m in 20 knots of good consistent wind was a blast. The kite
is very
responsive to bar input. You definetly have to be on your toes since it is very
Granted you may not have the rigid feel of LEI but you now have the speed and
responsiveness I have been looking for. On waves, with sideon conditions, just
park and
ride. If you need to catch up to a section drive the kite down and you have
instant power
and bar pressure to get you there. On jumps a definite elavator ride and real
quick to get
you up there. Still have not worked out the timing on the kite. This will
come... Launching
and landing no diffrent that any other arc.. No problems

The second day was on the 15m in lite 10-14 knot conditions with 5,11 twin fin
Loads of power and speed. Looking at the kite shape during turns you notice, how
leading edge shoulder scoops forward and trailing edge drops back in the window.
effectively transfer the flat working surface of the kite to the side that is
initiating the turn.
Try looking at the kite in light winds and you will notice the responsiveness of
the spars
and the chaning shape of the kite. Also the kite does not back down as easily
altough you
can get to back down in real light winds.
Flying the kite off the knot is a blast and flying it with loose back lines is
also pleasure.
I was impressed.
All of this without a pump?...
Anyhow hope this helps guys who are thinking about buying the syngery for the